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wellness Facilities



We have partnered with Wellness Facilities Healthcare Association (WFHA) to bring our members a way to reduce their healthcare costs! With this partnership, we can offer all our members a way to save 30-50% on their healthcare costs. You are taking proactive steps to stay healthy. For all the major healthcare needs that you can’t foresee, we have you covered. This plan is targeted to those individuals that do not have insurance coverage through their employer. This is NOT insurance. We help our members who may be independent contractors or small business owners that want to save on their own, their employee’s or their family’s medical costs. To learn more, please checkout the website thewfha.com. We not only want to help you with your fitness but your healthcare as well. This is why we look at ourselves as a FIT-CARE company and not just one that provides a great place to TRAIN. If you decide WFHA is a good option for you, we can save you on your monthly membership to TRAIN. We currently are offering all members of WFHA a discounted rate of $29.99/month for 24/7 access to TRAIN. There is also no enrollment fee for these members. Contact us at info@trainbodies.com for more info!