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Nick Persichetti B.S., LMT

I am President and Founder of TRAIN. 24/7 FITNESS HOUSE. I started TRAIN. because of my passion for fitness and more importantly, serving others. I look to help my community achieve their health and fitness goals in fun and exciting ways! I have been in the fitness industry for over 17 years since I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Exercise Physiology. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist that graduated locally here from AIAM. I feel that these diverse skills and education background help our members to reach their peak physically. I believe all our members are an extension of my own family and I strive to serve those members with the utmost respect and care. I look forward to help you along your journey of health.

In my personal time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and my family pictured to the left: My wife Michelle, and my daughters Claire and Vera.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns by:

Text or call: 614-506-5727

Email: info@trainbodies.com



Kinan Collins

Personal Trainer

Certified by: NPTI

I am an NPTI certified personal trainer. I specialize in one on one personal training, group circuit training, and small group training. My areas of expertise are: individual program design, weight loss, injury prevention, muscular endurance, and strength training. My philosophy on fitness is that

“Fitness starts in your mind then your body. You have what it takes to achieve your goals if you believe in yourself.”

My goal is to make sure you are a satisfied client one session at a time. I want to be able to help you meet all of your goals and help you create new ones. I also want to educate you and be an inspiration to start living a healthier, happier life!

In my personal life, I feel like learning is a never ending process so that’s why I attend continuing education on a regular basis. I grew up in Syria, but have lived in the United States since 2003. I love to cook and grow my own food. I also enjoy traveling, hiking, and trying new things.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a session by:

Call or text: 719-360-9703

Email: kinan7772@hotmail.com


Ethan McGhee

Personal Trainer

My name is Ethan McGhee and I am a personal trainer here in the capital city of Columbus. I’m also the founder of Fire Starter Training. I am very excited to announce this exciting endeavor to share about myself and my exciting journey that I want to use to help you!

I was born in Arlington, Va and I have been involved in fitness from managing gyms to personal training for the last 5 years. The reason why I do it? It’s a way of outreach for me! To see people grow in their fitness goals and personal lives, not many jobs allow you to do both.

My training style involves keeping a focus on calisthenics and sports performance. I like to truly push people and see them push past their limits.

On a personal note my long term goal is to one day have my own studio. I also love hanging out with family and friends. While training I want to incorporate my passion of missionary work to bring even more blessings and passion into that avenue of life!!! I enjoy Columbus and the community involvement and events that come with living downtown. The beautiful view of the Scioto River and skyline of our city is up there for me too!

To schedule a session with me, please contact me one of the following ways:

Call or text: 614-456-9475

Email: emcghee40@gmail.com

Website: www.firestartertraining.com

Instagram: @e_andrew24

Facebook: @FireStarterTraining24


Jan Janev

Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

Certified by: NPTI, NSCA, RBC(Kettlebell)

My life has been blessed with a one rich in health and challenges. Through exercise, I have lost over 100 pounds, managed anxiety, fibromyalgia, and stress. Over the past 10 years, I have worked with individuals to help them attain weight loss, gain balance, increase strength, overcome injuries, and improve mental focus. Each person has past or current experiences that make them unique. It is my goal to help people achieve their goals through personal or group trainings. Your success is my success, so let’s TRAIN FOR LIFE together!

To schedule a session with me, please contact me one of the following ways:

Call or text: (740) 249-8351

Website: www.ekwepoiz.com


Michelle Weiser

Personal Trainer

Certified by: NPTI, NSCA

I am excited to be a part of the TRAIN. family! I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in 2017, earned my Personal Trainer certification from the NSCA shortly thereafter, and have been training ever since. I am also a professional actor, so I appreciate the unique nature of each person I work with. My mission is to empower women of all sizes to feel they belong in fitness spaces and to lift!

To schedule a session with me, please contact me one of the following ways:

Call or text: 614-282-5243

Email: michellewfitness@gmail.com

Instagram: @fatbitchfitness


Jackie Persichetti

“THE MOM” & Chief Of Member Relations

Jackie is our Chief of Member Relations and keeps everything running smoothly. She is a friendly face and voice to our members. She has decades of experience coming from the hospitality industry so her skill set is very applicable in making our members feel like they are at home here.